Agile Games for teaching Scrum etc.

By am 27.10.2014 in Blog

Now that I’m diving deeply into teaching Scrum, I am profoundly interested in games that can be useful to deeply understand agile principles. These are my latest sources: Blog style collection of games List of games that facilitates finding a game for a specific purpose Join as at the agile game...


Symfony 2.5: Dump current config

By am 27.10.2014 in Blog, Symfony

My favorite new feature in Symfony 2.5: Now you can not only dump the default configuration but also the fully merged current configuration, yeah! The command for this is: app/console config:debug Read all about the background...


Imapping Tool (auch) für große und komplexe Wissenslandkarten

By am 19.10.2014 in Blog

Das iMapping Tool (bekannt aus dem brand eins Artikel) ist eine Software zum erstellen großer Wissenslandkarten. Es bietet eine übersichtliche Methode, auch komplexere Informationsstrukturen visuell darzustellen. Laut Heiko Haller, dem Macher von iMapping, wird das Tool vor allem von Managern, Beratern und Wissenschaftlern verwendet, um sich bei komplexeren Projekten Übersicht zu verschaffen. Das iMapping...


Timon Schroeter nun Timon Fiddike

By am 03.10.2014 in Blog

Ich habe geheiratet. Früher hieß ich Timon Schroeter. Mein ursprünglicher Nachname (Schroeter) ist einer der häufigsten in Deutschland überhaupt (Top 20, wenn die man alternativen Schreibweisen mit ö/oe und d/t mitzählt). Der Nachname meiner Frau (Fiddike) ist in Deutschland und sogar weltweit sehr selten. So selten, dass die Domain im Jahr 2014 noch...


PHP Profiler by SensioLabs now in private Beta

By am 11.07.2014 in Blog, Symfony

UPDATE The SensioLabs Profiler has been replaced by the Blackfire Profiler. The new PHP Profiler by SensioLabs is now in private beta. To register for the private beta go to: Just curious? Watch the video, it explains and demonstrates the profiler. Personally I’m very curious whether it will work for legacy PHP apps...


Symfony style dynamic configuration with the eZ Publish ConfigResolver

By am 28.03.2014 in Blog, Symfony

One of the central classes in the Symfony framework is: Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request The front controller instanciates this object and populates it with the properties of the current HTTP Request. Controllers can easily obtain the current Request instance. Services can have the current Request object injected either directly or via the request stack (which is also...


Symfony Translation Component: Talk at Symfony Usergroup

By am 13.02.2014 in Blog, Symfony

Thank you everybody for attending the Symfony usergroup meeting at Research Gate, asking interesting questions and a lively discussion on xliff editors. My slides can be downloaded here: Two different xliff capable XML editors were named in the discussion. One of them was the opensource online tool Pootle. There was a commercial one,...


Umzug in den Bouché Gewerbepark

By am 01.02.2014 in Blog

Unser neues Büro und die Schulungsräume, die wir für PHP Schulungen in Berlin nutzen, befinden sich im Bouché Gewerbepark: Bouchéstr 12 12435 Berlin Parkplätze finden Sie vor der Einfahrt 1 (Jordanstraße). Unser Firmensitz und unsere Postadresse befinden sich weiterhin in der Prinzessinnenstraße (siehe Kontakt /...


Symfony: List all listeners

By am 19.01.2014 in Blog, Symfony

Did you ever need to list all listeners that are registered in a Symfony 2 based app? Just install the ListenersDebugCommandBundle by egulias … and execute: app/console container:debug:listeners Backup fork:...


Symfony 2 vs. Yii Framework

By am 10.01.2014 in Blog, Symfony

Edit: At the Oxid Commons Conference 2014 the developers of the popular web shop „Oxid“ announced that they will migrate their System to Symfony 2, too. Here’s a blogpost by their community manager Marco Steinhäuser, explaining that they have chosen Symfony 2 over Yii despite Yii’s recent surge in popularity. A beautiful description of...


Symfony 2 Tutorial Collection

By am 02.12.2013 in Blog, Symfony

Update Code is still available on Github, but the tutorial site has been offline for a week and the last change dates back to July 2013. Keeping this for the time being (in case they come back), but I removed the href property on the URL to avoid a dead link. Original Post Just...


Symfony Security Component Introduction: Talk at BWB Meetup

By am 22.10.2013 in Blog, Symfony

Monday, Oktober 28th 2013 19:15 – 21:45 at co.up, Adalbertstrasse 7 – 8, 10999 Berlin All details: Securing Web Applications with the Symfony 2 Security Component Talk by Timon Schroeter Authentication and authorization of users need to be taken care of in most web applications. The Symfony 2 security component makes both tasks...


Dependency Injection: Lose Kopplung von Klassen mit PHP und Symfony

By am 18.09.2013 in Blog, Symfony

Am 20.10. halte ich auf dem monatlichen Treffen der Symfony Usergroup Wien einen Vortrag zum Thema Dependency Injection. Teil 1: Dependency Injection: Motivation Im ersten Teil wird erklärt warum lose Kopplung sehr wertvoll ist. Anhand von Code Beispielen mit generischen PHP Klassen wird gezeigt, wie einfach es ist, diese auf Dependency Injection vorzubereiten....